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Websites with southern Tarkine related information

Simply type in key words such as: Tarkine, Corinna, Corinna Wilderness Resort, Pieman River, Waratah, Philosopher’s Falls, Savage River, Whyte River, Luina, or Mt Donaldson.   You will find there are many tourism related online sites with information. I recall that … Continue reading

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Stamping our feet was out of the question

By the time we left St James Church my travelling companion and I were mentally fatigued from information and sensory overload and my feet wanted a rest.  Our experiences early that day included driving from Tullah, walking to and from … Continue reading

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Luina way below

Our maps and information brochures indicated the remnants of a long gone mining town, Luina, were located not far from the foot of the hill on which the Whyte Lookout stands. Westwards from the Lookout, Waratah Road descends steeply to … Continue reading

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The Tarkine. Do you know where you are going?

When mentioning I would like to visit the Tarkine, one friend responded “no-one knows where its boundaries are, so where are you going”. All I knew was that the Tarkine was somewhere in the north western quarter of Tasmania and … Continue reading

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