Quicksand is found not only in the movies

Tasmania’s coast between the Arthur and the Pieman rivers on the north west coast has treacherous real life swallowing quicksands. Four wheel drive vehicles and animals are particularly susceptible to these swimming sands.

ArthurtoPieman with arrows

Be informed by this piece of photo journalism produced by the ABC. Be warned of the dangers if you plan to motor, walk or ride along the beaches in that area.

Overall, I am saddened to think that the beaches are becoming graveyards for rusting vehicles poking through the surface of what would otherwise be a pristine edge of the Tarkine environment.

Thanks J for the pointer to this article.

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8 Responses to Quicksand is found not only in the movies

  1. I was thinking it was probably pure luck that we did not disappear with or without cars and kids into some quicksand down the west coast. Tho we never drove cars along the beach. I remember when Graham was climbing Mt Zeehan once, I think it was Mt Zeehan, I drove to the coast and walked for miles South with Muppy the small dog. A wave came out of nowhere and I raced, as I could then, for the dunes. Muppy was bowled along and tossed up beside me. And I remember how my heart was racing. Xxxx

    marybuchananbailey.blogspot.com DROPKICKME



    • Yes you were lucky and yes we were lucky. We took so many knowing risks and this wasn’t one of them; Back then I had no idea the beaches were laced with quicksand that no amount of mapping could ever record.


  2. MEGAN KUBE says:

    That is just amazing – I had no idea!! Those beaches look beautiful, too (with the exception of the half-in/half-out vehicles LOL).


  3. Canuck Carl says:

    This was an amazing article. These were really new vehicles in a lot of the photos. I am wondering if insurance would not pay for losses, as people should know the risks. As you mentioned the saddest part is a pristine environment that has been marred. Thank you for sharing! 🙏🏻


    • Hi Carl Sometimes I think people have too much money and really dont care about the consequences to their bank accounts. Sad for them and sad for the environment. Cheers, Helen

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      • Canuck Carl says:

        Thanks Helen. Many similarities to what you shared to what goes on in Canada. The only difference is that it is frozen lakes and rivers. Usually only around February that they are safe enough for travelling on. Despite warnings and signage, people still go out on them before they are solid enough. Vehicles will go through the ice and there can be expensive and risky rescues.


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