There has to be more


There is a saying which I live by: Nothing great is achieved without effort. I would like to use this as the basis for a new saying: Nothing about the land is understood without walking across it.

We expected to explore the coast, rivers, dunes, forests, sinkholes, lagoons and much more of the northern Tarkine.  Nevertheless, our shortened trip has helped me to understand something of the nature of the land north of the Arthur River – I hope you have found my record of my visit to the Marrawah area to be informative and stimulating.  If you haven’t been to Marrawah, there is great deal to see and experience in the locality – and there are many opportunities for walking and swimming.

For reasons of unexpected ill health the extended trip, around the Arthur River further south, did not occur and so a future trip must be planned. This means that while the posts on this blog will cease now, you can be sure they will restart after the next visit.

In the meantime I am always grateful to receive Tarkine related information, so please feel comfortable to send me any leads, articles or other information and I will relay these to other blog readers.

I will leave you with this video showing the glorious Lighthouse Bay and beach at West Point – with wind accompaniment.

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5 Responses to There has to be more

  1. Canuck Carl says:

    Love how untouched and that remote feeling at the beach at West Point. The wind from the video sounds very strong.
    I am sincerely sorry to hear about your health. This can’t be easy when you are used to being so active. I hope things are on the mend and you’ll be back to the Northern Tarkine and Arthur River sooner than expected. All the best.
    Your Canadian friend, Carl


    • Hi Carl Thanks for your comment and yes a trip back up there has to be planned. Since then I have recuperated and been actively involved in a new research project which doesn’t involve the wilderness – so that explains my ‘silence’ online. But I can see that as spring is coming to you your outdoors world is opening up again. Cheers, Helen

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  2. Such beautiful photos. Beautifully crafted narrative to accompany.


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