To Nettley Bay

From the West Point lighthouse we took the narrow gravel track along the coast until it ended at an isolated quality shack near Rusty Rocks.   20171226_131722.jpg

20171226_133814.jpgSplendid isolation I thought.  By contrast Jeanette tried to determine a reason why someone would want to stay there. I suggested love was the reason. I loved the tiny inlet from the bay which, although challenging, would let a dinghy out for fishing. I loved the endless irregular rocks. I felt the big sky would liberate and stimulate anyone.20171226_133817.jpg


20171226_134002.jpg Without the energy to walk and discover, and with my eyelids drooping, the decision was made to call it a day and return to our Marrawah cottage. At the best it can be said that we have a taste of what West Point looks like, but I have not experienced it first hand for any length of time.  Quite simply, I have not explored. I have not walked this land. Another time!

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3 Responses to To Nettley Bay

  1. Canuck Carl says:

    The isolation of West Point looks so fascinating,and adds to its beauty. Hoping you will be able to return another time to walk it, explore it and experience it! 🙂


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