West Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built in 1916 and demolished when Bluff Hill Point Lighthouse (located further south) was built in 1982. We took a side road off the northern side of West Point Road to visit the remains of the West Point Lighthouse (on paper maps this road is named Nettley Bay Road).  We found a concrete structure inserted into a rock mound – the base of the old lighthouse.      20171226_131623.jpg



20171226_131340.jpgThe view from the top included the following: 20171226_131433.jpg



20171226_131554.jpg Mt Cameron West could be seen in the distant north.  The Port Hills are the smoother ‘lump’ to the right of the mountain in the photo.20171226_131545.jpgAt ground level there were other concrete remnants and a grass infested lagoon.20171226_131207.jpg


20171226_131257.jpgWhat did the lighthouse look like? Thanks to the wall of information and photos at the Marrawah Tavern, we have an image.West Point lighthouse.JPG

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2 Responses to West Point Lighthouse

  1. Canuck Carl says:

    So neat they have a record of what the old lighthouse looked like. Always marvel of the builders over 100 years ago of structures like this. No cranes and safety protocol like we have nowadays. So admire the bravery and nerves of steel of these workers. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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