After a cough strewn night, I woke next morning feeling dreadful but still determined to continue on at least for that day.  Nevertheless the decision was made that we would cancel the Arthur River and Smithton accommodation and all the planned treks, and that the next day we would return back to Hobart.  As Jeanette said, ‘if you are not having fun, then there is no point’.

I felt very weak so the compromise for the day was that we would drive and view, and walk little. I had expected to find  a way to walk out to Green Point where no roads go. Dual names for geographical features across Tasmania are now common: the aboriginal name for Green Point is taypalaka. You can see taypalaka as the low lying rocks slightly to the right of the dark green tree, in the photo below.Green point to right of trees.JPGInstead we drove as close as we could and looked across the land past Slaves Bay and Sinking Rock to the end of that rocky  outcrop jutting into the ocean, Green Point. It has been impossible to locate historical information or any information about a number of places in the area including Green Point.  Undoubtedly an aboriginal history is associated with this Point in some way. That one of its name is non-aboriginal, indicates there is a social history created here over the past 200 plus years of settlement.  I cannot find what any of that history is. Green Point.JPG

20171226_113949.jpgAs we drove, we  looked over Green Point Lagoon on a number of occasions.   20171226_113958.jpg


20171226_115203.jpgThen we headed down a road signposted Nettley Bay Road.  Now there is something wrong. Nettley Bay is marked on maps a little further south and this road did not go there, so the naming is very confusing.   Google Maps names this Periwinkle Beach Road.20171226_115106.jpgWe drove down between farming paddocks until vegetated sand dunes were on our road sides.    20171226_114253.jpg


20171226_114454.jpgThe road ended at a rocky shore. This shoreline was so intricate; I so wished I had been able to explore it for hours – and of course to walk out to the tip of Green Point.      20171226_114518.jpg



20171226_114622.jpgTo the north we watched surfers in their black wet suits in and out of the waves of Slave Bay. This video scans across the Bay with Green Point in the distance.  The noise on the video? That’s the wind.20171226_114523.jpg

20171226_114638.jpgAt my feet, hardy plants found purchase between the rocks.20171226_114549.jpgReturning from Slaves Bay, Marrawah Beach with Mt Cameron West was spread before us, arousing memories of yesterday’s walk.20171226_115328.jpg

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