Art in the forest

I was surprised to discover a number of works of art by Tasmanian artists, that were related to the concept of the sinkhole or forest, had been inserted into the landscape amongst the trees. Most works blended so well that you could be forgiven for not seeing them.

An obvious example was the metal ‘vines’. IMG_0580.JPG


After my experience on Mt Donaldson and around Corinna in the southern Tarkine earlier in the year, I could recognise the burrows of the native Burrowing Crayfish. One artist, Yvonne Rees created large crayfish and these were highly visible.IMG_0617.JPG



IMG_0586.JPGIf my memory serves me, the black and white constructed cow was the work of Bob Jenyns. IMG_0605.JPG

IMG_0606.JPGI don’t recall the artist’s name but I do remember looking into the bush and taking a while to realise that what I thought were tree trunks and branches, were artfully placed sinuous wooden pieces that suggested slim line people moving through the bush.IMG_0625.JPGOne artist urged us to ‘feel the spirit’.  I did.IMG_0592.JPGOn its own platform a viewing chair was set to encourage visitors to sit and meditate as they stared at, listened to and/or smelt the surrounding native forest.IMG_0627.JPGThe following panel suggested there might be something in the bush but I could not see it; perhaps the drawing in the circular panel was the work of art.IMG_0656.JPGAs interesting and unexpected as it was to see works of art enmeshed in the forest,  it was the natural ‘art’ of the forest which I found most engaging; the lichens which seemed to be painted onto the tree trunks and the textures of tree trunks.IMG_0634.JPG











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