Back to the Tarkine – now for something new

Early in 2017 I visited and explored southern Tarkine territory around the Pieman River in north western Tasmania.  Near the end of 2017 I travelled to the northern Tarkine with planned bases in Marrawah, Arthur River and Smithton. Despite travelling north for seven hours, due to unexpected ill health some days later I returned to Hobart without having experienced all that is on offer.  My blog posts over the coming days will present my introduction to the environment around Marrawah – which some might say is not Tarkine territory.  I had hoped to use these stories to contrast with and expose the character of the environments further south. Of course, there are no absolute markers where one foot can be placed in the Tarkine and the other in non-Tarkine territory. To even look for these would be insane. Pre-European settlement the indigenous peoples lived, travelled and hunted along the coast and, while different bands had tribal boundaries, over time I would expect these ‘borders’ would move fluidly as the climate and needs changed.

Below I offer you a selection from the thousands of photos I took over five days – to whet your appetite for more in the future posts, and for explanation and context. The images include those of a rural and agricultural nature, plus those at the beach, across the sand dunes, and in the forests.20171223_145956.jpg










Northside of Mt Cameron West.JPG



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