Federal government has sanctioned more access to the Tarkine

The Bob Brown Foundation has released a number of statements including the following:

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull signed a new Regional Forest Agreement with Tasmanian Premier Hodgman in August, it was a death sentence for forests protected in reserves for decades, right across Tasmania. Even forests protected by Prime Minister John Howard are now open for logging. Australia’s largest temperate rainforest in the Tarkine wilderness is the main target for the chainsaws and bulldozers.  These suddenly-vulnerable forests include crucial habitat for rare and endangered species like the Swift Parrot, Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle, Masked Owl, Tasmanian Devil and Giant Freshwater Crayfish. Sadly this is not a bad dream – it’s a real nightmare – our governments want to log protected rainforests in one of the last great wilderness areas on the planet.

You can read more about the wonders of the Tarkine here and more about the appalling situation being furthered by governments here.

Have a think. Is there anything you can do other than say ‘this is bad’.  Is there any practical action you feel you can take which will alert decision makers to your feelings about the situation?  Don’t worry that your action might seem puny or irrelevant.  Any action will be a further reminder to those who should know better, that their decisions are flawed.

Did you know the Tarkine in Tasmania’s northwest is not protected as a National Park or World Heritage Area?  You have seen some of my photos of this glorious landscape throughout this blogsite, and there are thousands of others out there to enjoy – if you cannot travel to see the forests and rivers.  Apart from the beauty, surely the natural history and the social history of both indigenous and non-indigenous people are worth preserving – especially when there is no benefit to be gained there that cannot be gained by forestry in other parts of Tasmania.

You can lodge a vote for the Tarkine hereI have voted. Will you?

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2 Responses to Federal government has sanctioned more access to the Tarkine

  1. Canuck Carl says:

    Tasmania is the one place of Australia I would want to visit the most because of the wilderness which you describe, and it is so sad that it might fall victim to the chainsaw like so many other wilderness areas of the world. I was able to vote, was not sure if it was too late, or if my Canadian post code would be recognised, but it was.
    Thank you so much for your advocacy and for bringing awareness! 🙂


    • Hi Carl. Thanks so much for your support and your vote. There will be more posts on this Tarkine site from the 25 January recording my recent trip to the northern end of the Tarkine. Until then another of my blog sites is revealing another part of Tasmania. You might be interested to go to http://www.tasmaniandiscoveries.wordpress.com – the current run of stories centres around Lake Pedder and the Gordon Dam in south west Tasmania. These stories cease on the 24th January which is why the Tarkine stories can continue the next day. Cheers, Helen


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