Websites with southern Tarkine related information

Simply type in key words such as: Tarkine, Corinna, Corinna Wilderness Resort, Pieman River, Waratah, Philosopher’s Falls, Savage River, Whyte River, Luina, or Mt Donaldson.   You will find there are many tourism related online sites with information.

I recall that my experience, when planning our trip to the southern Tarkine, was one of frustration.  Inconsistencies and confusions over historical stories were common.  Different sites published conflicting information and until we were travelling around, I did not learn which was correct.

The promotion of the Tarkine is increasing and therefore I would like to think that the information  being supplied is accurate.  More people will be visiting as the years pass.  I am not sure how reliable the current online information is so, if your travel plans are tight, I strongly recommend that you phone people and organisations and businesses and ask and ask and ask – until every question you can think of has been answered. Only then do you have a chance of feeling confident that your plans can become a reality.

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