The sun shone during our trip back to Corinna

The greyed skies overhead while we lunched at the Pieman Heads beach made no-one downcast.  In fact quite the opposite. The spinning ions in the air filled the pores of our skin and we breathed in the energy of the ocean. We all felt very alive.

Later, as we motored eastwards towards Corinna, patches of blue sky appeared and the sun brightened the landscape and the water sparkled.  I know my whole body felt like it was smiling.

20170307_115813 cropped



I would like to assume that this blog has whetted your appetite to visit the southern Tarkine and make your own discoveries.  When you plan your trip to the Tarkine and before you arrive at Corinna, I strongly recommend you phone the Corinna Wilderness Resort and make a booking to travel on the Arcadia.  If as happened in our case when the boat trip was cancelled unexpectedly for the day on which we had booked, please make sure you rearrange other plans so you can take this trip on a subsequent day. It was an enormous relief to us that despite almost letting this opportunity go, we reorganised and took the trip.  I cannot speak too highly of the experience.  For many reasons travelling on the Pieman River and seeing and smelling the ocean was worth waiting for.

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  1. Such a beautiful part of this world!!!!


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