The trip down the Pieman River

The trip on the Arcadia  between Corinna and the Pieman Heads takes approximately 1.5 hrs each way.



Three kilometres down, when we passed the Savage River entering the Pieman River I was able to take a series of photos.

savage river mouth onto pieman and corinna.JPG

The water is so calm that seeing the inlet of the Savage River was almost impossible.  However, in the photo below,  something red can be seen at water level in the distance.  That would be a red kayak tied up at the pontoon located at the end of the walk to Savage River from Corinna.


Then Mt Donaldson rose up high on the northern side of the River.  You can see it in the short video here.

A still image also shows the distant mountain and the grandeur of the reflected landscape.


But as marvellous as these vistas were, it was the forests that truly enthralled us.




In particular, I found the extensive scale of the individual trees and the overall forests that swept over endless hills to be overwhelmingly powerful.



Patterns across the water also fascinated us.





The landscape presented quite dramatically depending on the nature of the daylight.



During our trip we were free to move around inside and outside of the craft to gain the viewpoints that suited us best; we could sit or stand depending on inclination. The pilot and his offsider were open to anyone who stepped inside their cabin for a chat, for local information and for specific details about the river and much more.  Cake and cups of tea/coffee were distributed during the morning.


The pilot used the intercom to keep us informed.  For example, in this video he can be heard talking about Tasmania’s famous Huon Pine tree.

NOTE: please feel comfortable to use any of our photos as your computer Background or Screensaver.  I change mine frequently; when I write this blog and choose the images for inclusion some of the truly special ones I load up so I can enjoy them for longer.  To open the computer each day and see this inspiring landscape is to be uplifted when starting out.

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