The Arcadia

What is the Arcadia? In our Tarkine adventure, the Arcadia was the name of the boat on which we cruised westwards from Corinna along the Pieman River to a jetty located a little before the river flowed into the Ocean.

For some readers, the Greek word ‘Arcadia’ will evoke utopian visions of wilderness.  Our Arcadia propelled us through that idyllic vision. Our trip, skimming through the glassy water, was magical. I was perpetually entranced by the diversity of trees edging the river for their colours and textures.  I found the changing topography of the land around each river bend ever-engaging.

While waiting to board at Corinna, the Pieman River was mirror calm.


The Fatman ferry was waiting to see vehicular customers on the other side of the river, at that moment of our departure.


Once on the Arcadia, I looked down the river in the direction we were about to motor.  Isn’t this stunning?  Don’t you want to be there?


As we moved into the centre of the river the thickness of the vegetation was everywhere apparent.




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