Heading for the ocean

Our final day in Corinna arrived. Up, eating breakfast, packing the gear, loading the car. Then we drove down and parked beside the Pieman River ready to join the Arcadia, the boat that would take us westwards along the River to the ocean.

Some refer to this as the Great Southern Ocean but to my mind the Southern Ocean encircles the Antarctica continent and is at the southern end of all other oceans including the Pacific and the Atlantic. Therefore I prefer to think of this water as the eastern most extension of the Indian Ocean. The waves on the west coast of Tasmania are always wild so I like the idea that they have travelled for thousands of kilometres from South Africa and are indeed wild, very wild.  Wikipedia describes the historical definitions of the boundaries of the various oceans and shows how these limits and the names of the oceans have changed over time. An 1863 map shows the Southern Ocean underneath mainland Australia and edging the west coast of Tasmania.


By contrast, the CIA Facebook has the following image according to Wikipedia. This shows the Indian Ocean along our Tasmanian west coast, and while I am not suggesting the CIA are correct I like this version for the reasons given above.

300px-Indian_Ocean_-_en_IHO from wiki borders of oceans.png



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