The Burrowing Crayfish – an unusual crustacean

In the first part of the path up to Mt Donaldson on Day 3 we noticed lots of holes in the ground with mud ‘ribs’ above ground indicating some creature had been digging. It reminded me of beaches on where I have noticed after crabs dig down quickly they leave a rise of structured sand behind. We noticed these holes and rims in different soils and were puzzled until I reread my notes researched before making our trip to the Tarkine.  My notes had lifted words from somewhere online in reference to the Savage River walking track from Corinna “As you walk the last stage of the track, watch out for the Burrowing Crayfish.  Whilst they are very shy you will see evidence of where they live – mounds of raised dirt with their entry hole in the middle.  Try not to step on them.” Here are a few examples of the hundreds of holes we saw during our walks.






Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service provides extensive information as well as some photos of the elusive creatures; the Freshwater Burrowing Crayfish is native to Tasmania.

At Corinna a special area has been designated and designed to let people see the burrows, without damage.


The above ground walkway passed through a peaceful grove. 20170307_091913



On either side of the walkway, the burrows of the Crayfish were everywhere.  But I never saw a nipper.




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