Time for dinner

For this adventure and discovery trip to the Tarkine, my friend and I had travelled from Hobart with packed eskies and bags of fresh fruit and vegetables so we were well prepared to cook our meals.  We had enjoyed a home cooked dinner while staying overnight at Waratah, and kept left overs to enjoy on our walk up Mt Donaldson the following day. On our first night in Corinna we had dined in the Tannin restaurant within the Tarkine Hotel.

At the end of our mammoth day to and from Savage River and the Whyte River, we made the decision to cook again. We were surprised and pleased to see massive containers of fresh water were located in the kitchen ready for our use, rather than the tannin stained natural water. Recommendations were that the tap water should not be drunk – I can only assume that the stomachs of city based people are conditioned to fluoride and chlorine and the natural contents of clean bush water would be too much of a shock.

The gas appliances and the cooking equipment and implements in our cottage were clean and efficient. Before long the pots were bubbling and the ‘house’ smelling of good food.

Eager to eat we dined ravenously on tasty clean food made from wonderful Tasmanian produce, all the while gushing with memories of the day and sparkling with the expectations of the morrow.

While I had cooked, Jeanette had gone off for a stroll down to the Tarkine Hotel intent on buying a fabulous coffee table picture book containing glamorous photos of the Tarkine.  After dinner we rested back on the comfortable couches with our books and brochures … until weariness descended. Pretty quickly.  All that glorious fresh air and a smidgin of exercise –my body soon told me that it was time to go horizontal.

On both nights I slept like a log. The bed was comfortable. The environs were superbly quiet.  Based on our experience we strongly recommend the cottages for accommodation at Corinna.


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