Time for a rest

With the walk to Savage River and the return to Corinna in the kayak completed we felt we deserved a drink at the pub.  The verandah on the Tarkine Hotel is deep, with contemporary rustic furniture that is perfect to take over and sit with a drink, and offers clear views of the Pieman River and the comings and goings of visitors.  We settled in.  A second drink. We smiled remembering our earlier experiences.

During our rest break the couple of walkers we had passed starting the walk from Savage River back to Corinna (they had kayaked to the Savage River), staggered slowly up the steps to the Hotel. I reminded them that I had recommended they make the return trip by  kayak and they laughed.  Despite the hilly terrain of that walk, like us they had found the landscape to be so beautiful that the walk was worth making.

Jeanette was inspired, went inside and returned with her purchase of Phill Pullinger’s publication Tarkine Trails, that had been published by the Bob Brown Foundation.  This 256 page book, also available from Fullers Bookshop in Hobart and probably other book sellers,  provides information and coloured photos of various Tarkine trails and much more.


20170306_143306-hotel between walks.jpg

Later Jeanette gifted me a copy for which I am most grateful.  I love it for its maps, descriptions, track notes, directions and it’s tantalisingly beautiful photos.

After about an hour or so of reinvigorating relaxation we registered that it wasn’t yet mid-afternoon.   Perhaps the day would be wasted if we didn’t explore further. The track leading to the Whyte River to our left/ to the east had not yet been explored. Could we do it?  Should we do it?


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