Paddling back to Corinna

The paddles slipped through the water with ease as we glided out from the mirror calm Savage River into the magnificently mirror calm Pieman River.

Without wind and without water currents except for a minimal sense in the centre of the Pieman River, almost no effort was required. One stroke and we were ahead many metres. Another virtually effortless stroke and we were shooting ahead again. Over and over and sometimes just drifting for pleasure. This was an uplifting experience which I would recommend to anyone visiting Corinna. And we only had 3 kilometres to travel along the River to reach Corinna.  On another visit I have no doubt we will kayak for miles in all directions – just for the pleasure.



20170306_121454.jpgI felt like pinching myself. This was a brilliant exposure to a significant part of the glorious Tarkine.  It was only as we headed eastwards around corner after corner of the Pieman River that I appreciated the scale of the River and the pristine qualities of the dense bush either side.  This was so very special.

Looking westwards and up to Mt Donaldson


Views as we paddled along the Pieman River



20170306_125020.jpgSometimes we paddled out around the centre of the River for the grand views and at other times we came close in to the bank to look more closely at the vegetation.

20170306_125111.jpgWe were fortunate to be able to identify Tasmania’s special Huon Pine trees at the water’s edge. 20170306_124837.jpg


20170306_124959.jpg Eventually we could see the Fatman ferry crossing the Pieman River with its cargo of people and vehicles so we knew we had almost reached Corinna. 20170306_125037.jpg

20170306_125216.jpgWith leisurely strokes we continued until we could manoeuvre the kayak onto a pebbly river edge at Corinna then drag it up onto land ready for the owners to store or transport it elsewhere for other would-be kayakers.

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