The Kayak

My fellow traveller was smart. She had looked to the future before we left on our walk to the Savage River, and arranged to hire a Kayak through the Tarkine Hotel.  Our bright red mode of transport for the return to Corinna was waiting for us at the pontoon on arrival at the Savage River.  It was fully equipped with a secure bin for our dry valuables and life jackets.


I shall praise my friend for her forethought and planning this for the rest of my days.  I could not have walked back to Corinna, and this water trip promised an alternative experience that would provide a view of the Tarkine not possible by any other means.

Initially I was quite concerned about getting into the kayak without falling into the River. The water level and the kayak was a lot lower than the pontoon and much lower than my shortish legs. Powerfully funny images of my stomach and upper body resting on the pontoon while my legs dangled over the edge but not able to reach the kayak came to mind.  Ridiculous but, in my ignorance, worrying.  Lovely as the day was I really didn’t want to drop into the cold river. I suspected that my relatively inflexible body might see me topple and splash.

However the process was much easier than I expected. Very easy in fact. My boots and gear were off and ready to be stowed in the kayak, and I stepped down onto a wooden platform which was slightly submerged (but visible in the photo below) and could then easily step in and sit down.  The lesson to be learned here is not to worry; problems either do not exist or can be solved.


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