Time for a lunch break

Without a doubt I was very relieved to reach the Savage River after descending from the lofty heights above. My feet could go no further. There was no way I wanted to retrace my steps to Corinna. In a rush of foolishness I felt I would stay by the river forever.  I was not going back.  I felt I couldn’t walk back.

Jeanette had arrived earlier, while I trudged more slowly, and being rested was ready to move on.  ‘No. I can’t yet. I have to stop. I am going to eat my lunch’, I muttered irritably feeling the weight and drain of my sore feet. We had packed our lunches before leaving our cottage so were well prepared.  I plonked myself down with legs swinging over one side of the pontoon and surveyed the water, the bank, the trees and all the lower vegetation as I munched on lunch.


And I calmed down.  I began to relax. I began to be able to enjoy my surroundings.  It was a truly lovely place.  No-one but us.  Only the sounds of the bush and the birds.

And Jeanette made herself comfortable as well.  Idyllic.


We felt so privileged to be there in this stunningly beautiful environment. We were both so pleased we had chosen to make this walk. I was so pleased that I had not given up along the way, despite my feet wanting to rest.  It was another reminder that one step at a time is all it takes, and if slower than most, the end can still be reached.  And it will be worth it.

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