Arriving at Savage River

The downhill trek to the River was through open forest with voluminous spaces before reaching a slightly denser bush closer to the river; sometimes on easy bush pathways and at other times on steep constructed steps.  By now the sun was out and filtering through the branches to create a delightfully magical experience.



Suddenly I was out in the open, and at water level after walking down onto the pontoon.  Jeanette was patiently waiting for me  and already soaking up the sun and enjoying the environment.

The photos below shows part of the Savage River.  The trees across in the distance are those on the other side of the Pieman River. In other words you are looking at the Savage River running into the Pieman River.



Jeanette created the following sensational panoramic shot which shows, to the left, the Savage River entering into the Pieman River, the bend in the river opposite the pontoon, and the continuation of the Savage River inland to the right.  In the distance to the right, and emerging from the water, the remains of a sunken ship appears, the SS Croydon.


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