Huon Pine

Huon Pine

Huon pine, after which the Huon Pine Walk at Corinna is named,  is a tree unique to Tasmania.


In the early days of European settlement its comparative rarity was not understood. When its important property of not rotting in water was discovered, Huon pine was cut down regularly for boat building and all manner of other purposes.



These days, it is illegal to cut living trees principally because Huon pines do not reproduce until they are 600-800 years old and we have to be careful with using what has already been cut.


20170306_100702.jpgTasmania’s government Parks website provides an informative brochure here.

From the boardwalk I could see through the trees to the Pieman River which runs by Huon pines and all the other forest trees.


The Huon Pine Walk is a simple 10 minute casual stroll to its end and then the return is by the same path.  Peaceful. Beautiful.

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