A new day for new adventures near Corinna

‘Hobbs’ cottage was neither too warm or too cold.  The silence was pervasive.  As a result, I slept well and woke early and eager to look at my surroundings with fresh eyes.  Downstairs I padded, started the jug for a cup of tea, and checked with wonder and delight all the clean fresh myrtle and other trees near the rear of the cottage.  Jeanette and I travelled with our breakfast foods so before long we had eaten, were dressed and packed for a walk from Corinna to Savage River – the river not the town or the mine.

My advance research indicated the walk was a challenging walk up and over a very long steep hill and that it might take around 3 or so hours as a return trip.

Corinna to Savage river.JPG

By contrast, the Tarkine Hotel’s map on an A4 sheet of paper handed to us when we booked in, showed a track which followed the edge of the Pieman River to meet the Savage River where it flows in. We set off with Jeanette the believer in the local map and I hoping it was true (steep hills are not something I enjoy).

Most of the initial couple of hundred metres of that track is a well-constructed duckboarded path named the Huon Pine Walk.  This is so wide and flat that those people using a wheel chair or pushing prams can easily manoeuvre along this way. I was especially impressed that sufficient width had been added at intervals to enable two such ‘vehicles’ to pass with ease.




20170306_090044.jpgThe Huon Pine Walk is designed to instruct via interpretative panels located to the side of the walkway.






20170306_100609.jpgThis flat walk allowed us to see easily into a comparatively open forest that was heavily carpeted with leaves.


Explanations about forest management and some history were provided.



The most important tree along this walkway is the Huon Pine.  Expect to read more about these trees in the next post.

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