Rating the Mt Donaldson walk

Mt Donaldson area.JPG

Mt Donaldson walk.JPG

We were surprised that a walk on this mountain track is rated as moderate to difficult; in our experience this was one of the easier walks in bushland we have encountered in Tasmania. While there are no directional or explanatory signposts on the walk, the track is in excellent condition, obvious and continuous.  The rise is gradual and does not require steep steps or clambering up near vertical surfaces. Towards the summit the following gentle steps are in place – what could be easier?


In addition there were no waterways to negotiate nor thick bush to push aside. The reason for its rating may be that the return trip will take approximately 4 hours – but I think that walkers judge a track not by length of time rather by the obstacles and impediments that provide a degree of danger in their challenges. There was nothing dangerous about this walk, nor were there obstacles to surmount; no logs to climb or rivers to cross.

A number of websites provide useful information if you wish to walk this track. For example, go here . Note the red line on the map on this site is not the walking track, the roads are marked in white, and the walking track is not marked. The pinnacle of Mt Donaldson is to the left of the words Norfolk Road.  You can read another walker’s experience hereWalking Track Services shows the creation of the quality track on which we walked.

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