To the top of Mt Donaldson


My feet were not carrying me well so I insisted Jeanette summit the mountain on her own. Her video records part of her climb experience.


Half an hour later I heard the sound of ecstatic “Cooee” calls coming from the top.  My friend was exhilarated by her achievement especially after waiting for a small venomous olive brown tiger snake, which had been warming itself on the track, to slither away. Extraordinary 360 degree views kept her eyes wide open in wonder and those to the north and west coasts of Tasmania were particularly breathtaking.




The top and it’s trig point were marked.



The view from the top is recorded in this video.

The silica mining quarries can be seen below as gashes in the forests.


Meanwhile I waited beside the track admiring the lower level views.



Climbing Mt Donaldson was a fabulous experience. A superb way to begin to appreciate the massive scope of the Tarkine.  Jeanette and I could not stop taking photos on this trek – despite the fact that you are only seeing a small percentage of those photos here I hope they inspire you to consider walking up Mt Donaldson.  It will be well worth the trip.


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