An Incendiary event you won’t want to miss

An Incendiary event you won’t want to miss. This was the subject line in an important email I received from the Bob Brown Foundation, an organisation which advocates for the preservation of the Tarkine.

This week, Tasmania’s super  exciting annual Dark MOFO experience begins, and the Foundation is staging a special exhibition on the fringe of this festival; an exhibition featuring projected art and sounds of the burning of Tasmania’s forests.

INCENDIARY opens at the Waterside Pavilion which is conveniently located on Hobart’s waterfront between Dark Park (Evans St/Macquarie Point) and the Winter Feast (Princes Wharf 1/Salamanca). The official opening occurs on Wednesday 7 June at 5 pm, and continues each night from 5 – 10 pm, between the  7th to 12th  June.

The email reminded me that “the wild and scenic beauty of Tasmania, including its magnificent ancient forests, is what attracts visitors to our island. Yet Tasmania’s government continues to clear vast tracts of forests, firebombing what remains every autumn. We are just coming out of the recent ‘burning season’ when more than 3500 hectares of logged forests were incinerated.

The email concludes with a prompt: “So whether you are a local or flying in from the mainland to explore the dark delights of this unique festival, rug up, step out and get fired up.”

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