All things Savage

There are 4 things in 4 places and each should not be confused with the other: Savage River Mine with township, Savage River as a river, Savage River National Park, and the Savage River Regional Reserve which is south of the Park.  The Arthur/Pieman Conservation Area, bordered by the coastline, is to the west of all of these.

Savage River National Park is a wilderness region in the north west of Tasmania. The park protects the largest contiguous area of cool temperate rainforest surviving in Australia.

The area of the Savage River near its mouth, but not right at the mouth, is accessed from Norfolk Road (a northward turn off Corinna Road when travelling from Waratah).  Norfolk Rd is the road to take for the walk up to Mount Donaldson. It seems that the river, for well over 100kms, winds in and around hill after hill in dense untracked landscape. It’s source seems to be located in the middle of the Savage River National Park (approx 70kms as the crow flies from Bass Strait compared to Savage River Mine about 140 kms as the crow flies from Bass Strait). The Savage River is an important tributary of the Pieman River.

The Savage River Mine, for magnetite/iron ore, is nowhere near the mouth of the Savage River where it enters the Pieman River. The actual Savage River extends many curvy kilometres and passes very close to the west of the Savage River Mine before passing through it and continuing east then north. The mine, currently run by Grange Resources, is located just off the Corinna/Waratah Road (B23). A pipeline runs from the Savage River mine to the coast at Port Latta near Stanley, straight through pristine rainforest.

Port Latta.JPG

From Waratah, it is an hour or so drive to the township of Savage River located adjacent to the mine.

The following map come from Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service.

sr regional reserve and national park.jpg

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2 Responses to All things Savage

  1. With the Savage River stuff you might like to link it to sites connected to Jewelled Nights, the film shot in Savage River in 1926. Imagine that. Based on Marie Bjelke Petersen’s novel on the Osmiridium miners down there. She travelled there before writing the novel but I had forgotten the film was actually shot there. And its theme is pretty racy for the times too.


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