Starting out on Day 3

Early on, I walked in the mists enveloping Waratah and enjoyed the magical moments of the drifting light on the landscape.


At the Waratah Roadhouse, Jeanette waited for me. We restocked our supplies of bottled water and headed west along the bitumen-covered Waratah Road on the road towards Corinna, a tiny settlement on the edge of the great Pieman River.

I expected the mist to be localised as an effect of the large body of water, Lake Waratah. However the mist persisted for over 30 kilometres.

At times Jeanette was forced to drop the car speed to less than 40km per hour because visibility was limited. The road was narrow and unknown so we were deliberately cautious. Mostly we could not see the landscape further than a dozen or so metres to the left and right of the road.  The density of the fog kept changing. It slimmed and thickened, seemingly shaped by the hilly terrain and the curves of the winding road.  The air temperature was not cold; visually we were cushioned in a warm gossamer-light blanket. And somewhere way in the depths of the fog, the sun tried to get through with a comforting yellow-grey glow.

The first item on Day 3’s itinerary was to explore the township of Savage River and its mine. However on arrival, the pervasive mist encouraged us onwards with the decision to spend time there on the way home a few days later. Trying to see much would have been impossible.

As this tiny mining township of Savage River came to an abrupt end, the bitumen road cover stopped without warning (take notice travellers with caravans and motor homes). A  pale white grey soft gravel road started immediately. At times the mist caused the land and the road to intermingle; we travelled even slower. Thankfully there was never another car on the road. But it was beautiful.  The world was soft.

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