Waking and getting going on Day 3

Once showered, breakfasted and packed up, and when Jeanette was surfacing I set off to explore Waratah further.  I headed downhill on a mapped street which had never been built formally and which could not have been driven on. As I walked towards town I expected to be picked up at the Waratah Roadhouse a while later.

A magical world met me. High above, the sky was a dense blue colour and, closer to the earth, the sun was glowing through enveloping mists.  Every edge was softened. A heavy dew meant the mown grass was covered in water droplets sparkling in any light.


I knew there was a large Lake Waratah and made the assumption that the collision of air and water temperatures was creating the delicate fog.  Later I was to see that the misty conditions continued a considerable distance to the west.


In the distance I distinguished the Bischoff Hotel.


Then when I reached the main road I was able to look around the outside of the historic Post Office.


Equipment and water wheels came into view the further I walked.



A roadside sign alerted me to the waterfall although the fall of water could not be seen from this point. The landscape flowed gently.


But it was Lake Waratah which surprised me with its ethereal beauty on the morning of Day 3 of our travels into the southern Tarkine. There was no traffic and no other person around when I approached it. Watch this video and love the silence. On the edges of Lake Waratah, apparently our native Platypus can be seen if you are lucky.



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3 Responses to Waking and getting going on Day 3

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Lovely photos, Helen, enhanced by the mist. I’m enjoying your Tarkine journey.


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