Accommodation in Waratah

Very few accommodation options exist in Waratah for people without a tent, caravan or other mobile home. A large area near Lake Waratah has been allocated for people travelling in this way.   We were not travelling this way so finding alternatives within the town was not easy. Photo below, courtesy of Discover Tasmania, shows the camping ground.

Waratah camping ground.jpeg

We needed accommodation with cooking facilities because research indicated that only the Waratah Roadhouse provided meals in Waratah (no other alternative existed) and we were not sure whether the quality or menu would suit us.

Eventually we were fortunate to book our ‘unit’ which seemed like the last available space in town.  I used the online service which listed this property as a Unit (the owners list it as a Unit) and because I imagined our unit would be one in a block I asked for the number. Was it number 2 or 11 or 23 or what?  Just Unit at the address given.  When we found the place it was, in fact, a self-contained house on its own block.  Appearing very much like ex State Government Housing property it was a basic 2 bedroom brick place tightly fenced in, and furnished with different vintages of cheap oddments which didn’t match each other or the floor or window coverings.  Despite needing a complete makeover the house was clean, and we felt comfortable cooking our meal that evening.  But there was nothing pretty to be seen indoors so we spent the evening as couch potatoes watching television so as not to be demoralised by the environment.


Once I went to bed, my mattress sagged dreadfully in the middle.  But my back survived the night and I was up early and excitedly ready for new adventures and new sights.  If we need to stay another night in Waratah in future, I would probably book in there again. Better the devil you know.


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