Mt Bischoff

The mountain and it’s mine were the final features on our itinerary for visiting on Day 2. However, feeling weary we decided to find our accommodation first, settle in and refresh and then head off again despite the afternoon coming to an end.

Mt Bischoff was a constant landmark as we moved around the town. Clearly one side of the mountain had been removed and various cutting levels were evident. We knew that the mountain and the mine were located only a kilometre or so from the town and therefore we believed a closer inspection would be easy to achieve.  To our surprise, from the back door of our accommodation, we had a bird’s eye view across to the mined mountain.  The shadows were fixed across the cuttings and I recall the tints of yellows, whites and  greys in the rock faces.  Refer to Wikipedia for more information here.

Mount_Bischoff_mine2006 from Wikipedia.jpg

The University of Tasmania has created an information sheet with a photo taken years ago when less of the town side of Mt Bischoff had been mined.  Have a look here. A mining link explains “The Mount Bischoff tin mine at Waratah in Tasmania was the first major mining venture to take place in Tasmania. It was discovered by hobby prospector James “Philosopher” Smith and Shawn Bischoff in 1871. The discovery grew to become one of the richest tin mines in the world.” The article continues rich with facts about the mountain and the mine’s past.

Inertia and torpor stalled our advances on Day 2 so we never came closer to the mountain than our accommodation. At the start of Day 3, I looked back past our house accommodation towards Mt Bischoff pointing to the sky in the distance.


In addition to the mountain and the mine, there were a number of aspects of Waratah we did not explore. So the town retains some mystery for any return trip.


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