The waterfall in the middle of the town

I was excited all day waiting to find this phenomenon. Is there any other town or city in the world with a waterfall at its centre? My first-hand experience of the waterfall in the centre of Waratah occurred late in the afternoon and it was worth waiting for.

Initially we attempted to see it from the side closest to Waratah’s centre, opposite the Kenworthy Stamper Mill.  We walked across a mown paddock (of course it was mown) straining to see the fall of water. In parts the angle and the height and the security fence prevented access to a perfect view.  However persistence is useful.





Then we drove along Smith St across the bridge over the outflow from Lake Waratah until we parked outside the Bischoff Hotel. From there the waterfall was clearly in view, along with interpretation boards in the foreground.



A stunning spectacle. No doubt the volume of this fall of water would be enhanced after rain, but I felt quite privileged to see such a beauty with its very different character from Philosopher’s Falls seen earlier in the day.



Mt Pearse, located to the south east of Waratah in the distance, stands clear in the photo below.  If you want to climb this mountain read details under the tab for Mt Pearse here. Please note there are no tracks, therefore this is a walk for experienced and appropriately equipped walkers.


Early next morning I recorded this video over the waterfall but without a view of the waterfall.  The sound is delightfully gentle.

I hope by now you have been excited by what you have seen and that you are planning your trip to Waratah and its environs.  But there is more. Much more.


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