The Bischoff Hotel


The Bischoff Hotel is not currently open for business. Over a century old, it stands rather dramatically on a hill overlooking Waratah Falls and the centre of Waratah. This grand structure indicates Waratah was once an important and large town. I found a sales video online which shows aspects of the Hotel and Waratah. Since the Hotel was locked up tightly when we passed through, seeing the images on the video has helped me to understand the nature of the building’s interior.

The Hotel is up for sale and I wonder what sort of person will see potential in this establishment. The Real Commercial website shows photos of the Hotel in snowy conditions.  The same site informs us:  “In close proximity to Cradle Mountain one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations, and the gate way to the famous Tarkine wilderness, offering the most affordable accommodation in the area. The hotel has a large public bar, with walk in cool-room, open fire, lounge bar, dining room able to seat 50 patrons, a bottle shop, commercial kitchen, walk in cool-room, managers apartment, 18 rooms including , one spa room,4 ensuite rooms(queen and doubles) and a good variety of bed configurations, 3 car garage all on  approximately 1 acre.”

The Bischoff Hotel has its own website with more photos and information including a history.

At the start of our Day 3, I walked down into the mist over the town and saw the side of the Bischoff Hotel in soft focus with Mt Bischoff in the distance.  A beautiful morning with no-one around.


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