Tasmanian Waratah versus NSW Waratah

Blog follower John remarked that the design of Waratah used in the town of Waratah and pictured two blog posts ago is the image of the NSW  flower and not the Tasmanian variety.


Here are some images of the NSW Waratah flower.

NSW Waratah.jpg

NSW Waratah v2.jpg

By contrast, the Tasmanian Waratah looks like the following photos:

Tasmanian waratah.jpg

Waratah tasmanian.JPG

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2 Responses to Tasmanian Waratah versus NSW Waratah

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Interesting post, Helen. I didn’t appreciate the difference until now.


    • The NSW version gets all the glory and repeated representation because it is their state floral emblem so I can understand why a designer (perhaps a young less experienced designer) might not know there were two varieties. But I would have expected someone in the Wynyard/Waratah Council to know – but perhaps none of the employees or Councillors there walk in the Tassie bush. Stranger things have been the case.

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