The Tarkine Interpretation Centre

Located in the centre of the township of Waratah, the Tarkine Interpretation Centre is housed in the  Athenaeum Hall, a building completed in 1887 when the town was enjoying the economic prosperity provided by the Mt Bischoff tin mine.  The photo below shows the Centre on the morning of Day 3 of our trip amidst a mist – our visit and first appreciation was on the glaring sunny afternoon of Day 2.


When we entered the Centre, only fifteen minutes remained until closing time. We were impressed that the receptionist did not insist we leave on time so we relaxed to absorb the ambience of the Hall and the information provided about the Tarkine.

A stop at this Centre has a number of benefits to those who wish to know more about the Tarkine.  We were exceptionally pleased to have arrived in time to visit.

Photographic displays, set up in a contemporary fashion with useful labelling, are not musty or fusty – an experience occurring in some other museums, historical and interpretation centres across Australia. In addition, you can gather lots of information brochures to inform your trip around the Tarkine.  For those who need a dose of technology and connection to the rest of the world, free Wi-Fi is centred on this building and seems to be available 24 hours day in that area.

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