Aboriginal connections to the land now known as the Tarkine

At the Whyte Lookout, panels provided a range of information about the original owners (pre-European settlement) of the land in this part of the world; the Noe.Teller people.



20170304_134327.jpg I was disappointed when I read these information boards; in my view they were misleading by referring to activities in areas far distant from the Whyte Lookout.  None of the information was connected to where we were standing.  If any was linked to this location, then an explanation of that connection should have been made – it certainly was not clear.

I wondered whether any tribes or bands lived in this district and, if so, why the story of these aborigines were not told here at the Lookout.  Did any tribes or bands ever live in this district? Perhaps the impenetrability of the bush over the hills and mountains and the dense foliage at water’s edges along many of the rivers and creeks around here, may have resulted in the pre-European settlement aboriginals not accessing this part of Tasmania. Are there no memories or stories of aboriginal access and use of this land pre-European settlement?   If not, I would like the information boards to reflect the situation accurately.

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