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All things Savage

There are 4 things in 4 places and each should not be confused with the other: Savage River Mine with township, Savage River as a river, Savage River National Park, and the Savage River Regional Reserve which is south of … Continue reading

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Starting out on Day 3

Early on, I walked in the mists enveloping Waratah and enjoyed the magical moments of the drifting light on the landscape. At the Waratah Roadhouse, Jeanette waited for me. We restocked our supplies of bottled water and headed west along … Continue reading

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Waratah sits at the eastern gateway to the Tarkine wilderness and adjacent to the Savage River National Park. It is a 40-minute drive south of Burnie and 50 kms north from Tullah. The road through the area was not completed until 1963.  … Continue reading

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Waking and getting going on Day 3

Once showered, breakfasted and packed up, and when Jeanette was surfacing I set off to explore Waratah further.  I headed downhill on a mapped street which had never been built formally and which could not have been driven on. As … Continue reading

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Danger alert for the Tarkine

The future of the Tarkine continues to be uncertain with the immediate possibility of logging in some areas.  Tomorrow, in both Hobart and in Melbourne, a vigil will held by people keen to persuade the governments to provide protection. Hobart … Continue reading

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Accommodation in Waratah

Very few accommodation options exist in Waratah for people without a tent, caravan or other mobile home. A large area near Lake Waratah has been allocated for people travelling in this way.   We were not travelling this way so … Continue reading

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Mt Bischoff

The mountain and it’s mine were the final features on our itinerary for visiting on Day 2. However, feeling weary we decided to find our accommodation first, settle in and refresh and then head off again despite the afternoon coming … Continue reading

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