The way to Philosopher’s Falls

Having travelled the 10 or so kilometres west along Waratah Road and then driven one or two kilometres down a narrow gravel road, it was pleasing that the start of the walking track to the Philosopher’s Falls was clearly signposted. However,  later when you reach some downward stairs with a track continuing further on, there are no signs and you need to take the stairs.  I believe that the continuing track will take you to the old Magnet Mine township and requires hours more walking for the return trip. I could find no information about the time such a walk will take but looking at maps I suspect this is a seriously longer walk and when steep terrain is taken into account, the going may be slow.

Magnet mine.jpg

The map above is taken from here where more information about the mineral resources in the area can be read. There is an alternative track to that old mining township which makes it a very long and arduous day walk from another starting point and you can read about it here and here.

The Falls are part of the upper reaches of the Arthur River which continues northward by winding through the landscape and eventually turns west and empties into the Southern Ocean.  That distant western directed ‘line’ roughly marks the northern extremity of the Tarkine.  But here we were, in the deep south eastern part of the Tarkine.

Philosophers Falls.JPG

The walking path is soft and leaf strewn and the surrounding forest is reasonably open. Truly beautiful and so satisfying.




No words can convey how thrilling it was to be able to walk within this part of the Tarkine forests.

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