No time to explore Waratah so early in the day

As much as we wanted to explore the historic sites of Waratah, our timetable demanded we continue along the bitumen sealed Waratah Road seeking the Philosopher’s Falls.  The turn off to the Falls was signposted around 10 kilometres westwards from Waratah. We followed that gravel road for a kilometre or so until the road ended when we reached a cul de sac designed for parking cars and other vehicles. That off the main road drive was magical.  Dense forest edged towards our car and linked overhead in places.  Ahead we appreciated the light at the end of the tunnel.





We expected to see no-one else in that isolated spot and we wondered what the frequency of traffic was.  I noted that green vegetation grew down the centre of the road seeming to indicate minimal usage. This was an area without mobile or internet reception and we were not travelling with a Personal Locator Beacon. Never did we envisage a need for self-reliance and resourcefulness further along. We were hypnotised by the fresh bush smell and the beauty on this enchanting road.


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