Monitoring resources

As we travelled on the west coast of Tasmania, we were mindful of the rarity of cafes, food stores and refuelling options.

The Tarkine and its surrounds is not an area with food and fuel laden truck stops, despite the amount of forestry operations and logging which occurs in the region. So, anticipating a lack of petrol stations when we moved deeper into the Tarkine, we topped up our petrol and engine oil supplies as soon as we arrived in the centre of Waratah. With a small non-petrol-guzzling vehicle we knew we could cover a long distance.  In fact we did not refuel until the final day when we stopped at Campbell Town with only an hour and a half’s drive remaining to Hobart.  Your type of vehicle will dictate how frequently you should refill your tank.

In addition, the balmy weather prompted us to load up with bottles of drinking water before we headed off into the bush to discover tracks and waterfalls.

Where in Waratah can these resources be found?

There is only one place: the Waratah Roadhouse has the monopoly in the region.  The Roadhouse supplies a limited range of groceries, newspapers, excellent freshly cooked take-away food, a small sit -own dining area, and fuel and oil for vehicles.  The ordinariness of the building is hardly noticed because of a little madness; an inflated Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) stands prominently on the roof (international travellers please note the Tasmanian tiger is now extinct so you should not expect to see one in the wild).  All you can do is marvel at this glorious apparition in midtown Waratah:

Thylacine on Waratah Roadhouse.JPG

Despite the aged look of the Roadhouse, it is clean albeit cluttered, and the couple running the place are friendly and competent.  It was refreshing to shop in a Roadhouse that is a local privately run operation and not part of a massive national franchise.

The Waratah Roadhouse has been captioned as “A must stop on the road to nowhere”.  Yes it is a ‘must stop’ to make sure you have the necessary victuals and other goods, however it is definitely not on the road to nowhere.  Waratah is the start of a most amazing journey into the pristine and primeval Tarkine.


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