Protecting the Tarkine – one way to help

Can you help? I have been asked to help and now that I recognise the interest of my Touching the Tarkine followers, I thought some of you might like to share the helping. Today the Bob Brown Foundation sent me an email with the following message:

“Tarkine in Motion is one of our most important events and pivotal to our campaign to protect Tasmania’s threatened takayna/Tarkine.

This year, we are having a battle to raise the funds to pay for it.

We must reach our target of $42,000 by Monday evening. This crowdfunding is ‘all-or-nothing’. If we don’t reach our goal, we won’t get a cent.

So far we have pledges for over $28,000, so it would tragic to lose this money if we can’t raise the final $14,000 over the next 3 days.

But we can make it, with your help.

Our supporters are very generous in funding our campaigns and we don’t take their generosity for granted. But it’s now or never for Tarkine in Motion and your pledge will help us reach our target and guarantee the success of this vital event.

Our first two Tarkine in Motion events have propelled the campaign to new heights. For the past two years, over the Easter weekend, 120 artists have spent three days in the Tarkine, producing incredible works of art that have made a huge difference to our campaign to protect this wild place.

The works from those events have been exhibited across Australia including shows in Melbourne, Bendigo, Burnie and Brisbane. We are about to announce the defining exhibition of some these stunning artworks at Salamanca’s iconic Long Gallery in Hobart, later this month.

Despite this progress, there is still a long way to go before takayna / Tarkine is protected as National Park and World Heritage and returned to the Aboriginal people.
Just days ago, logged Tarkine forests were firebombed and left in smouldering ruins. The urgent need to show the world the beauty of the Tarkine, and the ugliness of this kind of mindless destruction, is greater than ever.

Tarkine in Motion from Bobs Foundation.png

So this Easter, 120 artists are returning to the Tarkine, to photograph, paint, draw, write, compose, sculpt and create art of all kinds.

This year’s project is more ambitious than ever, with seven camps spread across the Tarkine’s 450,000 hectares. Artists will be based in rainforests, on rivers, along the wild coast and in threatened forest coupes.

This massive project is expensive to organise and depends on the generous support we receive from crowdfunding.

There are some wonderful rewards on offer. Postcards from artists in the field, posters, paintings, books, DVDs and stickers. Or you can simply make a tax deductible donation.

pledge of any amount will take us one step closer to our target, and one step closer to a Tarkine National Park and World Heritage Area.

Thanks so much for your support,

Steven Chaffer
Bob Brown Foundation
PS  So far, over 290 supporters have made pledges to this crowdfunding campaign.  If you are one of those kind souls, or have recently made another donation to our campaigns, please accept our thanks for your gift, and our apologies for this follow-up appeal. Your support is sincerely appreciated.”

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