Lake Rosebery

Lake Rosebery, an 8.5 square kilometre expanse of water, was created in the early 1980s by the construction of the Bastyan Dam on the Pieman River for Hydro generation. Feeder rivers include the dammed Mackintosh and Murchison rivers. When full, the Lake holds almost 100,000 cubic metres of water. 20170304_075417


While enjoying gin and tonics in the evening at Tullah we watched a boat speeding up and down the lake. Was this a fisherman seeking less accessible areas of the lake or hoping to target wind lanes (a wind lane is a ribbon of calm amongst ruffled water ) in open water? The Lake Rosebery and Lake Mackintosh Anglers Access brochure explains: “Lake Rosebery is managed as a Premium Trout Fishery. Brown trout populations are sustained through natural recruitment. Periodic stocking of rainbow trout provides additional angling opportunities. Lake Rosebery provides excellent opportunities for shore based angling particularly around the eastern shores near Tullah and to the north – east of the Bastyan Dam. Casting from a drifting boat and trolling are the preferred methods for lure anglers. For the fly angler the summer months are best when fish can be found rising to midges or chasing mudeyes (the final larvae stage of the Dragon Fly which I believe are used as lures). Thankfully we saw no midges and felt no effects from their irritating biting nature.

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