Cycling on the west coast


During our trip we saw the occasional cyclist and shook our heads in wonder that they would tackle the steep hills and survive safely on the narrow windy roads. I felt they had to be mainlanders or internationals who didn’t know better – or were they really in training for Le Tour de France?

After chatting with some of the cyclists who were staying overnight at the Tullah Lakeside Lodge, we learned theirs was a supported cycling holiday – and they were loving the individual challenge of reaching a new location each night. Cycling in these parts is not for the faint hearted so we admired their mental strength and their good humour.


Our mouths dropped open in amazement when we learnt their goal for the day was to reach Cradle Mountain, only 55 kms away but via extremely hilly country. Their calves would be burning, and I have no doubt many would wonder at some stage why they signed up for the ride.  Of course, the satisfaction in finishing each ride would be their reward.

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