Out and about at the Tullah Wilderness Lodge


Benches and tables made from local wood dotted the lawn in front of the bar and restaurant. After wandering closer to the Lake Rosebery shoreline, we retreated to these seats and sat sipping welcome gin and tonics and red wines in the late afternoon sun. As the sun lowered, the mountains and hills around the area caused long shadows to spread across parts of the landscape.  The air was so clean that edges were sharp and colours clear and rich. Truly magical. For this experience alone it was worth staying at the Lodge.




20170303_172021.jpgWe could not get accommodation in Tullah that allowed us to cook our own food, so we resigned ourselves to eat in the Lodge’s restaurant, the Lakeside Bar and Grill. Unfortunately the menu had many items on it, and in a remote and isolated place with a tiny population, a large menu signals frozen food or food reheated. My vegetable frittata did not appear to be freshly cooked, the cabbage while still containing a crunch seemed as if it might have been cooked on an oiled griddle and was somewhat slippery, the potato mash was smooth, but the carrots were cooked perfectly.  Jeanette’s salmon fillet was overcooked, and the double helping of salad instead of one of salad and one of potato chips, was a normal throw of lettuce and tomato etc. So all of this was edible but not a gourmet delight. But we did not have high expectations and so were not upset by the experience.

Back in our room the smell remained.  Too tired to care, I fell asleep with my nose close to the open window.

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4 Responses to Out and about at the Tullah Wilderness Lodge

  1. Canuck Carl says:

    The pictures are so tremendous. What a beautiful location for a wilderness lodge. I don’t eat out a lot, and so I have never made that association, but it makes perfect sense. A large menu in a remote and isolated place would indeed have frozen and reheated items.

    Love your food descriptions. I could picture it all! 🙂



    • Hi Carl. Your comment makes me realise I should photograph each meal (like so many do) and that will add more meaning to my blogs when I talk about food. I am so pleased you are enjoying the photos in this new blog. My friend and I took almost 1000 photos between us so there are many more glories to be shown in the coming weeks. I had never been to this area of Tasmania before and have been struck almost dumb by the beauty and magnitude of it all. If the photos are wonderful actually standing in that environment with the 360 views can take your breath away. Plus there is the wonderful fresh clean air with the hints of many forest smells. Marvellous.

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      • Canuck Carl says:

        So neat with those digital cameras, you can take all the pictures you want. I grew up buying rolls of film and then paying to have them developed. Looking forward to all those glories. It is a beautiful looking area, and through your pictures of it being quite pristine. And so cool this is a new area for you! 🙂


        • Thanks Carl. You understand my need to discover and reveal new places. And thanks to an ordinary digital tablet photos are easy. My camera is stored away somewhere and I probably should sell it off – it never gets used these days. Cheers


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