Spending the night in Tullah

We arrived at our accommodation, the Tullah Lakeside Lodge not long before 3 pm.  This sprawling complex sits next to the large stunningly beautiful Lake Rosebery.



Our Standard Room provided two single beds and a queen sized bed in a large room that contained a chair, bedside tables and a wall mounted TV, a separate bathroom with shower at one end, and a small room at the other end with a bench for tea and coffee making, plus a small fridge. According to Storyteller Spinks, during hydroelectric developments of seven dams in the vicinity on the Pieman and Murchison rivers, Tullah was the base. Apparently our room was in the block that was used as part of the old Hydro workers quarters; albeit refurbished since then.

We did not have high expectations of superb accommodation so were happy the room was adequate size-wise.  We expected to be happy if our room was clean and the surrounds quiet, and if the décor was dated and there were limited facilities we resolved not to mind. We knew the forested environment surrounding the Lodge would be attractive, and that was the sort of thing which mattered. This was simply a place to sleep and shower not to live. But there was one aspect we had not considered; entering our room and the olfactory sense. The smell knocked us back with a gasp. Valiantly we turned on the fan and opened all windows.  Jeanette went off to explore the jetty on the edge of Lake Rosebery and I had a quick look at the vistas of the Lake through the various corridors and thoroughfares.


Refusing to be affected in the long term by the smell (Jeanette suggested zealous use of chemical cleaners; I thought the carpet might have been wet recently and sprays used to try and cover the drying odours) and assuming the fan and open windows would cleanse the air, we set off to explore the shoreline in front of the Lodge.

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