To whet your appetite…

Recently a friend and I travelled to parts of one of Tasmania’s very special natural environments, the Tarkine.  Our experiences were wonderfully thrilling and inspired me to create this blog, Touching the Tarkine.

Over the coming months new blog postings will record the travels of my friend and I through the extraordinary southern Tarkine environment. I have included a selection of photos below to sharpen your interest in reading more.

Reflections on Lake Rosebery in the early morning hours


The waterfall in the middle of the town of Waratah


Savage River from the bridge on Norfolk Road/Western Explorer Road


On the hills of Mt Donaldson


On the Huon Pine Walk


Travelling down the Pieman River


If you want to see more, then I recommend you become a follower of this blog. On the right hand menu of the blog ( HOME page, find the Follow by email option – add in your email address (and no-one but me sees it) and then automatically every time I write a post it will pop into your email inbox without you having to remember to check. DO THAT TODAY SO YOU DON’T FORGET!  Don’t miss out on all the stories and the photographs.

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2 Responses to To whet your appetite…

  1. Lynne Dacey says:

    Stunning pics Helen, can’t wait to


    • Thanks Lynne. The stunning photos are like the stunning Tarkine. By the time I finish the blog you will be aching to take the boys off there. Will you be following this through LinkedIn or some other way? Cheers, Helen


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