Why take an interest in the Tarkine?

The website devoted to the Tarkine-wild, ancient and threatened provides in depth explanations of the wealth of the natural resources within the Tarkine environment.

It notes that less than 5% is a National Park.

Mining and logging are the two predatory industries and various companies are frequently lobbying the Tasmanian government for access to extract the raw materials – either to remove the old growth trees for wood chips (!) and destroy the habitat of wild animals, insects, and fungi, or to remove the hills and dig deeply for minerals.

We all know that trees provide oxygen for the planet and absorb our carbon dioxide emissions. With an ever increasing global population,  more forests around the world are plundered.  For these reasons , I believe it is essential we hold onto every last natural ecosystem in existence.  The Tarkine is breathtakingly beautiful but that alone is not a reason to retain, maintain and care for it. Because of the Tarkine’s longevity of existence (thousands of years) and its millions of trees, this environment offers us a profoundly important extractor of carbon and other gasses.  It acts as an enduring cleansing tool, and this is something our earth needs more of.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation presents detailed information about cool temperate forests across the globe and why they are important.

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